Felix Ngindu will SHAKE up your party, festival or special occasion and make everybody DANCE. He will make your occasion SPECIAL and UNFORGETTABLE! NICE and SWEET!!

Felix Ngindu was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He began playing drum at the age of 3 and had performed with the choir at his local church by the age of 4. 

Felix continued to develop his musical skills through the years as he grew up in Africa. He studied art and design at college but music remained his first love and priority. 

Felix began his pro career with a group called Flash Musica, a kind of informal academy for rising Congolese stars. He was spotted by the legendary singer and bandleader Kofi Olomide, whose outfit featured some of the country’s leading virtuosos. His musical education continued in the company of one of Congo’s greatest ever drummers, Dju Dju She (from the group Victoria Eleison). 

Felix re-located from Congo to Cameroon, absorbing new styles and techniques all the way, and finally settled in the UK. From here, he has travelled across Europe, Asia and Australia in the company of some of his country’s top musicians including Kanda Bongo Man.

Felix is now resident in Liverpool, UK. He has completed his degree in Popular Music and Music Production, and is focussed on recording and performing his own music.


Felix Ngindu will be releasing his new single ‘Feel Free’ on 10th November 2021

Watch this space!!